A Science-Based Community of Practice in the Chenier Plain

Project Information
Purpose/Overview of Study
The problem is that local communities and other interested parties continue to make decisions in isolation and the plethora of science-based information being generated is either not understood, not easily available, and can be overwhelming, hence sometimes this information that could be used to make well-informed decisions is ignored.

A potential solution is to develop a Science-based Community of Practice that can help improve the ability of the Partners within the Chenier Plain to make decisions. The Gulf Coast Prairie Landscape Conservation Cooperative (GCP LCC) would coordinate the Community of Practice, which would be made up of experts with a variety of skill sets who are familiar with the issues being faced on the Chenier Plain. This group supports the partners by providing supplemental data for consideration in planning and project development to facilitate decision-making process and improve the effective use of limited resources by all parties. Ultimately, the objective is to increase coastal resilience and the longevity of this important area.
Main Topic
Inland Waters
Project Sub Topic
Coastal Zone
Ecosystem Services
Water Resources and Management
Wildlife Impacts and Management
Other Topic
Coastal Resilience
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Land/Resource Managers
Government Regulatory Agency
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Lead Investigator: Cynthia Kallio Edwards
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