SESCPA Database

Project Title Topic Project Type Purpose of Study Region
Testing Project Biota INFEWS, CBON Testing Rocky Mountain
The Community-based Observing Network for Adaptation and Security (CONAS) and the Bering Sea Sub Network (BSSN): Distributed Human Sensor Array for Arctic Environmental Change 2007-2016 Society, Biota, Oceans, Climatology | Meteorology | Atmosphere, Environment, Health CBON The Bering Sea region is increasingly recognized as a hotspot of biological productivity, indigenous subsistence livelihoods, commercial activity, and environmental security. The need for observational data remains high as we struggle to understand the suite of changes occurring in the Arctic and the consequences these may have to the communities who reside there. This project developed the Community Observing Network for Adaptation and Security (CONAS) as a CBONS operating across the Bering Sea in partnership with Inupiaq, Siberian Yupiq, Chukchi, and Aleut communities and observers. CBONS… read more Alaska/Aleutian Islands
CNH: Understanding the Consequences of Water-Use Decisions in a Dynamic Environment Society, Climatology | Meteorology | Atmosphere, Environment, Imagery | Basemaps | Earthcover, Inland Waters Other: This project attempts to understand the feedbacks between bottom-up, emergent social controls, water technologies and hydrological change in urban settings. This is based in the theory of technology induced environmental distancing (TIED), which proposes that when technology is used as a solution, it distances the user from the resource (in this case, water) resulting in acute vulnerabilities. In other words, we believe that although technology is often utilized as an end-point means to “solve” a water problem, it is actually the emergent social controls, those which occur at the level of… read more Southwest
MtnSEON: Blue Mountains Climatology | Meteorology | Atmosphere, Economy, Environment MtnSEON The Mountain Social Ecological Observatory Network (MtnSEON) combines multiple sources of knowledge on how processes function within and between ecosystem and socioeconomic elements of complex mountain landscapes in order to improve social and ecological resilience and sustainability.
The Blue Mountains Working Group goal is to address important, and integrated, ecological and socioeconomic issues relevant to the management of dry forests and rangelands in the Pacific Northwest. The WG seeks to provide new knowledge to aid in reducing vulnerability, fostering adaptation, improving… read more
ReFEWS: Upper Snake River Basin Climatology | Meteorology | Atmosphere, Environment, Farming, Inland Waters, Intelligence | Military INFEWS Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water Systems (INFEWS) seek to conceptualize Food, Energy, and Water (FEW) systems broadly, incorporating physical processes (such as built infrastructure and new technologies for more efficient resource utilization), natural processes (such as biogeochemical and hydrologic cycles), biological processes (such as agroecosystem structure and productivity), social/behavioral processes (such as decision making and governance), and cyber-components (such as sensing, networking, computation and visualization for decision-making and assessment).… read more Rocky Mountain