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Project Title Topic Project Type Purpose of Study Region
Managing Idaho's Landscapes for Ecosystem Services: Coeur d'Alene Society, Biota, Boundaries, Economy, Environment, Inland Waters EPSCoR Managing Idaho's Landscapes for Ecosystem Services seeks to:
1. advance understanding of changes in ecosystem services at the interface between urban and rural environments, 2. relate those changes to societal and climate drivers, and 3. provide science-based tools and training to inform policy decisions about the sustainable management of these ecosystem services.

Coeur d'Alene Study Site: The socio-economic wellbeing of the CDA area is dependent on maintenance of high-value, lake-based recreation ecosystem services. However, urban and exurban growth… read more
Rocky Mountain
Alaska SouthCentral Test Case: Adaptive Capacity in Communities of the Kenai River Watershed Society, Biota, Climatology | Meteorology | Atmosphere, Economy, Environment, Geoscientific Information EPSCoR The Southcentral test case will examine interactive drivers and patterns of change in ‘messy’ SES, the effects of these interactions, and the factors contributing to community response and adaptation in six communities on the road network: Kenai, Soldotna, Sterling, Cooper Landing, Moose Pass, and Seward. Primary changes in river hydrology include discharge, water temperature, and sedimentation, while landcover changes include urbanization, resource extraction infrastructure, drying wetlands, and forest fires.

Test case research objectives are:

Understand how… read more
Alaska/Aleutian Islands